1.1 Welcome and Overview

Welcome to Advanced Product Strategy from Braintrust On Demand. Through this series of video modules, we will be taking a deep dive into high-level, advanced skills that are critical to becoming a great Product Owner.

  • Product Vision Board
  • Stakeholder Power and Interest Grid
  • Story Mapping
  • Trade Off Matrix
  • Release Planning
  • Customer Journeys
  • Interview Rules
  • Epics, Spikes and Story Splitting
  • Business Value Assessment
  • RICE Model, MoSCoW Method, and KANO Model 

Do your product visions capture the intent of the product? Are they inspiring and emotionally compelling? Are your product backlogs DEEP (detailed, estimated, emergent, and prioritized? The purpose of this class is to make you a better Product Owner by teaching you advanced techniques for product management.

Engage your stakeholders and take control of your backlog today!